Colorado’s Serene Singh wins National All-American Miss 2020

Colorado's Serene Singh crowned National All-American Miss 2020Serene Singh of Colorado has won the coveted National All-American Miss 2020-2021 title in a glittering competition held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Florida last November 29.

The 23-year-old Rhodes Scholar, Truman Scholar, and Fulbright Recipient is a University of Colorado alumnus and a current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Oxford. Just weeks before the national pageant, she graduated as the youngest student in Oxford’s esteemed Blavatnik School of Government’s Master in Public Policy degree with students from over 100 countries.

Serene represented her home state in the “world’s largest pageant” with this year’s numbers totaling over 700 women from across the country. She made history as the very first South Asian to ever place in the Top 5 for the Miss division and the first Coloradoan to ever win the national title.

“I know girls and women across this country and the globe do not have access to the same opportunities I have had in my life to be where I am today. That very notion is what motivates me to give what I have been given in meaningful and tangible ways constantly in life,” she said.

She added: “This crown and banner is a microphone, a platform, and a chance to reach thousands of individuals in order to amplify the work I do and serve in ways that have positive impacts on the lives of others lasting long after my year as a national titleholder. The glam and rhinestones are undoubtedly fun, but the work to serve begins now and I am so excited for what is ahead.”

The newly-crowned National All-American Miss is deeply passionate about bringing awareness to women’s issues as well as advocating for women’s rights. She founded The Serenity Project, a nonprofit that works with at-risk women across the U.S. to help them build confidence, self-love, and gain influential women mentors.

Amid the current pandemic situation, this year’s National American Miss (NAM) pageant provided strict rules for all contestants, staff, and judges in order to comply with the official guidelines from public health officials and ensured the safety of everyone was given the utmost importance throughout the competition.

National All-American Miss 2020 Top 5

Colorado's Serene Singh wins National All-American Miss 2020

Photos: Sona Kaur, Kyle Cournoyer