FAVORITES: Miss Universe Colombia 2020 official headshots

With only less than a week from the final competition, the official headshots of the Miss Universe Colombia 2020 contestants have been finally released by the organization.

Out of all the equally stunning photos of the beauties dripping in diamonds, we narrowed down our list of favorites to 10.

Here are our favorites:

Alejandra Buitrago

Angie Patricia Cuero

Bárbara Rodríguez

Dahiara García

Dayana Cárdenas

Juliana Franco

Laura Juliana Lamus

Marelis Salas

Yeraldin Grajales

Yuri Copete

Photos: Giancarlo Bolívar
Makeup: Praga Salón / Kevin Mendoza
Accesories: Eurocristal / Crystals by Preciosa