Miss Earth 2020 is Lindsey Coffey of the USA

The 28-year-old fashion model who hails from Pennsylvania holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and communication arts. She became the first woman from the United States to win the coveted title.

Stephany Zreik of Venezuela, Roxanne Allison Baeyens of the Philippines, and Michala Rubinstein of Denmark were the Top 4 finalists. They were named Miss Earth – Air, Miss Earth – Water, and Miss Earth – Fire, respectively.

The Top 8 were the delegates from Myanmar, Amara Shune Lei, the Netherlands, Tessa le Conge, Poland, Sabina Półtawska, and Puerto Rico, Krystal Badillo.

Mariia Reznyuk (Belarus), Kelly Ávila (Costa Rica), Aya Kadjo (Cote d’Ivoire), Annabella Fleck (Germany), Anna Tode (Japan), Fridah Kariuki (Kenya), Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze (Nigeria), Anayansi De Gracia (Panama), Ivanna Rohashko (Portugal), Christina Cai (Singapore), Lungo Katete (South Africa), and Teeyapar Sretsirisuvarna (Thailand) completed the Top 20.

This year’s competition marked the 20th anniversary of the Miss Earth pageant. Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico relinquished her reign at the end of the virtual event.

The new Miss Earth will embark on a year-long journey to actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.

“I still haven’t found the words. My heart is so full. If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up,” Lindsey shared on social media shortly after her historic victory.


Miss Earth 2020: USA – Lindsey Coffey

Miss Earth – Air 2020: Venezuela – Stephany Zreik

Miss Earth – Water 2020: Philippines – Roxanne Allison Baeyens

Miss Earth – Fire 2020: Denmark – Michala Rubinstein

Top 8

Myanmar – Amara Shune Lei

Netherlands – Tessa le Conge §

Poland – Sabina Półtawska

Puerto Rico – Krystal Badillo

Top 20

Belarus – Mariia Reznyuk

Costa Rica – Kelly Ávila §

Cote d’Ivoire – Aya Kadjo

Germany – Annabella Fleck

Japan – Anna Tode

Kenya – Fridah Kariuki

Nigeria – Gwenivere Chioma Ifeanyieze

Panama – Anayansi De Gracia

Portugal – Ivanna Rohashko

Singapore – Christina Cai

South Africa – Lungo Katete

Thailand – Teeyapar Sretsirisuvarna

Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey of the USA Eco-Angel Costume

Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey of the USA Sports Wear

Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey of the USA in Evening Gown

Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey of the USA in Swimsuit

Photos: Carlos Velez Studios / Miss Earth USA