Miss Earth 2020: Meet the delegates from Europe

Miss Earth 2020 will be the 20th edition of the Miss Earth pageant whose virtual coronation show will be aired on Sunday, November 29.

Since the pageant kicked off last September 21, the delegates who were split into four continental groups have been participating in several categories such as Earth Talk, Talent, Evening Gown, Beachwear, Sportswear, National Costume, and Interview with Netizens.

The preliminary judging that includes Beauty of Face; Fitness, Form and Poise; and Intelligence and Environmental Awareness will take place from October 29 until November 9.

Meet the delegates from Europe:

Yeranuhi Melikyan

Age: 28
Height: 177 cm
Measurements: 37 in – 27 in – 39 in

“Most of all I like working with people, carrying out organizational work, team building and team work. For sure, it takes much energy but when the result is satisfying and you reach your goals, this feeling can’t be compared with something else.”

Nadine Anna Pfaffeneder

Age: 19
Height: 175 cm
Measurements: 35 in – 23 in – 35 in

“I currently attend a training to become a geriatric nurse because I love to help people and I want to make their evening of life as carefree and pleasant as possible and help them cope with everyday situations that they struggle to do on their own.”

Mariia Reznyuk

Age: 27
Height: 174 cm
Measurements: 33.8 in – 23.6 in – 33.8 in

“I should be the next Miss Earth because I believe if I have a proper platform I can actually make some difference.”

Kimbery Bosman

Age: 22
Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 32 in – 26 in – 35 in

“I am a person who works hard to pursue a dream and never give up.”

Amina Hasanbegović

Age: 20
Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 33 in – 25 in – 35 in

“I speak 4 languages. I invest in education and that is my priority in life. I finished high school and am currently studying at the Faculty of Political Sciences. My wish is to work as a teacher in order to pass on my knowledge to other generations.”

Stefanie Topic

Age: 24
Height: 167 cm
Measurements: 32 in – 26 in – 35 in

“By working as a nurse I want to help sick children and support them on their journey.”

Michala Rubinstein

Age: 27
Height: 169 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 25 in – 35 in

“One of my biggest passion projects was when I acted in a short film called “Kvinder Kvinder Kvinder” (Women) to create awareness for “The Danish Home For Abused Women And Children” I got to meet and speak with many of the women and hear their terrifying but also inspiring life stories.”

Anette Müürsepp

Age: 19
Height: 173 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 27 in – 35 in

“I like activities in nature, playing around with music and eco lifestyle, absolutely love nature and animals. ’m also interested in going to see different plays in theatre specifically the ones about crime are interesting.”

Emilia Lepomaki

Age: 22
Height: 174 cm
Measurements: 33 in – 26.7 in – 37.7 in

“Pageants are my biggest passion. I have been dreaming of participating on them since I was a little girl. I have also participated in a few national and local pageants before.”

Léa Llorens

Annabella Fleck

Age: 23
Height: 176 cm
Measurements: 35 in – 25 in – 35 in

“I’m adventurous, passionate and a family oriented person. Traveling and discovering everything from a positive perspective and want to create a better future. I believe in the motto: If there is a will, there is a way.”

Maria Fotou

Age: 23
Height: 177 cm
Measurements: 31 in – 25 in – 32 in

“I love dancing and painting, in my free time I read books about self improvement and various issues of spiritual development.”

Dagbjört Rúriksdóttir

Age: 26
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 35.5 in – 26.5 in – 38 in

“I love this competition and am grateful for it. I love the earth and I love people. I want to help make the planet a better place so I’m excited for this.”

Eileen Mary O’Donnell

Age: 27
Height: 165 cm
Measurements: 32 in – 24 in – 33 in

“Personal development for me, is something that I strive to do continuously. It’s importance plays a major factor in my life. My motto is to live life the best way I know and learn along the way. As human beings, just like the earth, we are constantly changing and evolving. It takes work to become the best vision of yourself and I will work tirelessly to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.”

Giulia Ragazzini

Age: 25
Height: 174 cm
Measurements: 35 in – 24 in – 35 in

“I’m a simple girl with a big passion for travels and fashion.”

Elvira Jain

Age: 28
Height: 178 cm
Measurements: 34.6 in – 23.6 in – 35.4 in

“I like to know, learn and discover new things, and I want to bring an innovation and importance for the environment, I want to protect the animals, I want to clean the oceans, I want to support to invent some vaccine or real treatment for incurable diseases like cancer etc. I want to be an example for others.”

Ana Miljanic

Tessa le Conge

Age: 26
Height: 178 cm
Measurements: 33.5 in – 24 in – 35.5 in

“I not only work very hard in a team to help flatten the curve, I also care a lot about helping companies get greener. At the moment I’m busy with a project of replacing all coffee cups for eco bamboocups at the company I work for. Within a month I’ll be able to give almost 450 employees one cup each. A single step multiplied by many, CAN make a difference.”

Nora Emilie Nakken

Sabina Połtawska

Age: 21
Height: 177 cm
Measurements: 32 in – 24 in – 35 in

“I want to spread the idea of taking care of our planet in my social media mostly, the reason for that is because young people spend a lot of time on the internet, but I would also like to visit the local primary schools to talk with kids about the environmental issues in Poland and show them that taking care of our planet can be fun!”

Ivanna Rohashko

Age: 23
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 24 in – 37 in

“I’m an art person, who is extremely passionate about poems. I love to feel every word, every rhyme, to feel part of every story that is hidden in it. To be moved, to feel happy, sad, any feeling transmitted in it, is a unique feeling that makes us use our creativity imagining each moment in our own way.”

Tatiana Usatii

Age: 28
Height: 179 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 24 in – 36 in

“I am beautiful, smart, loyal, curious and intelligent.”

Yuliana Deryagina

Age: 22
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 36 in – 24 in – 36 in

“I am a very vulnerable person who shows herself only from the strong side. My beloved grandfather died less than a year ago, and sometimes I feel very sad. I am sure that you need to appreciate every moment and every minute of our life!”

Sandra Milenković

Adrijana Ojsteršek

Age: 24
Height: 164 cm
Measurements: 33 in – 26 in – 36 in

“I am so grateful that I am here now. My dreams came true and I am so proud of myself and so grateful for all the people that helped me on my journey. I feel so confident now and I can’t wait for all the amazing experiences as Miss Earth Slovenia 2020. I am willing to work hard and to learn to become even a better person and to help create a better future for all of us.”

Marta Lorenzo

Age: 24
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 35 in – 25 in – 35 in

“I would like to achieve in my life all my goals, surpass myself and be a better person each day.”

Gabriella Lomm Mann

Age: 25
Height: 174 cm
Measurements: 33 in – 24 in – 35 in

“Everyday you are given a new chance to become who you really are. Never doubt your instincts and your feelings and always believe that you are strong enough, you are smart enough or good enough. As long as you believe in yourself and have your heart and ambition and independence with you, nothing is impossible. Never let anyone tell you who you are and never give up on your dreams.”

Ella Baker-Roberts

Age: 24
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 34 in – 24 in – 34 in

“A fun fact about me is that I am also severely dyslexic. My type of dyslexia is a rare form that affects only 2% of dyslexics. When I was younger, I was told by teachers I would never succeed, and I was set up to fail. I ignored them and continued to peruse my own dreams, inspired by words from Jane Goodall. I taught myself fundamental college level Biology, whilst obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Joint honours in Music and Musical Theatre. Allowing me to apply for a Master of Science. I now study at one of the world leading conservation research facilities and will soon be graduating with an Master’s Degree in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade. I am the living proof that you do not have to listen to your critics, and you can follow your heart to fulfil your dreams. This is my outlook on my Miss Earth journey. As long as I work as hard as I can and be the best that I can be, I will walk away happy.”

Source: Miss Earth