Miss International 2019 contestants learn ikebana at Ikenobo School

Miss International 2019 Ikebana at Ikenobo SchoolMiss International 2019 contestants had a chance to experience and learn ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. They received a lecture from an ikebana professor and had the chance to make their own masterpiece.

Also known as Kado or “way of flowers”, ikebana is a tradition that that dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at altars. Later, they were placed in the tokonoma (alcove) of a home.

Ikebana reached its first zenith in the 16th century under the influence of Buddhist tea masters and has grown over the centuries, with over 1,000 different schools in Japan and abroad.

STANDOUTS: Philippines, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Belarus, Venezuela, Hawaii, Puerto Rico


Photos: Miss International