Miss Universe aspirant Bianca Tirsin apologizes over ‘racist’ blackface photo

Miss Universe aspirant Bianca Tirsin apologizes over 'racist' blackface photoMiss Universe Romania 2020 Bianca Tirsin received a backlash over the controversial photo she posted on her social media.

Bianca was criticized and accused of being racist for the photoshoot she did with a designer where she appeared in black and gold makeup.

Things got heated when African-born Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens expressed her disappointment when she commented that the photo was not right. While many stood by her reaction, there were others who called her “too sensitive.”

According to history.com, “The portrayal of blackface – when people darken their skin with shoe polish, greasepaint or burnt cork and paint on enlarged lips and other exaggerated features, is steeped in centuries of racism.”

The photo has already been deleted and the Romanian beauty issued an apology. She said: “I want to apologize to everyone especially to those who have felt generally hurt or offended by the makeup I wore yesterday.”

“There was no malicious intent behind my actions. Lack of judgment, definitely lack of deeper perspective, but no ill will towards anyone.”

Bianca further explained she has been working with the designer for a while now and never questioned his idea. The idea of painting her face in gold and black never seemed like anything else but just to emphasize his theme colors.

“I feel deep sadness because I was raised to help in overcoming these causes, not cause them and I will always dedicate my life to fighting inequalities,” she added.

Click here to view the full video of her apology.

Photo: Bianca Tirsin / Instagram