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Mister Global España 2020 is Rubén Gómez

Mister Global España 2020 Rubén GómezRubén Gómez of Huelva was proclaimed Mister Global España 2020 in a national competition held last July 19 at the Juan Carlos Auditorium in Arafo, Tenerife.

The 27-year-old model and store clerk bested 19 other contestants to win the competition in his second attempt. He succeeds last year’s winner, José Luis Rodríguez of La Palma.

Javier Martín (Tenerife), Francisco Cervantes (Málaga), Saúl Salmón (Cantabria) and Efraím Batallé (Barcelona), were the first, second, third and fourth runners-up, respectively.

Rubén will represent Spain in the next edition of the Mister Global international competition.

Mister Global España 2020 Rubén Gómez

Photos: Łukasz Niemiec Fotografia