FAVORITES: Mr World 2019 Top 15 favorites

The world’s most desirable men are currently enjoying the Mr World 2019 competition in the Philippines. In just about a week, we will have a new winner. Who among this year’s batch of contestants will take home the title?

Meet our Top 15 most desirable favorites for Mr World 2019:

Mr World 2019 Top 15 favoritesAustria – Alberto Nodale (28, 178 cm) currently works as a sales coach, university lecturer and professional blogger.

Brazil – Carlos Franco (27, 188 cm) is a businessman, actor and model and wishes to serve as an inspiration to other people.

Canada – Alessandro Coward (21, 188 cm) currently works as a model with aspirations of becoming a motivational speaker.

Chile – Filepe Rojas (25, 191 cm) is a dental surgeon and business owner who is studying in his second year of Bucomaxillo facial Implantology.

Dominican Republic – Alejandro Martinez (26, 188 cm) works as an actor and spin instructor at his own studio.

England – Jack Hesslewood (26, 191 cm) is a qualified rocket scientist having completed his degree in Aerospace Engineering at the age of 21.

Ireland – Wayne Walsh (27, 185 cm) is an actor and model who would like to follow his career to America and eventually move to L.A to pursue his dream job as a Hollywood actor.

Italy – Marco D’Elia (22, 186 cm) is a model and student with a degree in Communication Sciences with ambitions of moving to the USA to study and would like to build a presence online to influence others.

Mexico – Brian Faugier (25, 190 cm) is a student from Monterrey and works as a model around Mexico.

Philippines – Jody Saliba (26, 178 cm) is a Bachelor in Sports Science graduate and currently works as an actor and model with career ambitions of becoming a pilot.

Puerto Rico – José Cotto (25, 188 cm) currently works as a beach and pool attendant and is a licensed scuba diver.

South Africa – Fezile Mkhize (28, 183 cm) has a medicine degree and currently works as a doctor, TV presenter and model with ambitions of specializing in cardiothoracic surgery.

Spain – Daniel Torres (29, 190 cm) works in security with ambitions of becoming a TV host and actor and is currently taking classes of action and arts.

Thailand – Anakin Nontiprasit (20, 188 cm) is a model, actor, and student with career ambitions in communication art which he plans to learn about at university so he can create his own animation.

Venezuela – Jorge Núñez (24, 185 cm) is a graduate of civil engineering and currently working as a construction supervisor.

Alternates: Kenya, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Poland

Climbing up: Colombia, Argentina, India, Lebanon, Bangladesh

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