New Miss Universe Philippines crown unveiled

New Miss Universe Philippines crown officially unveiledThe Miss Universe Philippines organization has finally unveiled on Tuesday, October 20 the “Filipina” crown crafted by Villarica, a renowned Filipino jeweler from Meycauayan, Bulacan.

In a post on its pageant’s official Facebook page, Miss Universe Philippines stated: “The crown represents the achievement of one’s mind over the body as a Filipina. It will be a symbol of triumph over one’s journey of trials, hard work, and perseverance in obtaining one’s dream. A dream that has become a reality that would inhabit her mind, heart, and spirit.”

The post further explains that the elements of the crown reflect the true meaning of womanhood. The swirl of leaves represents “the lives of every woman who seeks success in different forms yet still keeps the Filipino values in their hearts.”

“Every diamond embedded in each leaf lusters like smiles that sparkle the lives of people that she encounters. The yellow pearls express creativity, intelligence, optimism, and fear of God – characteristics that make every Filipina a gem in her family. Sapphire, ruby, and topaz represent the flag of every proud Filipina, a woman who believes in the beauty of her race, the strength that runs in the veins of her blood, and the beat of her heart that would always describe a true Filipina.”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 preliminary competition will be aired on Friday, October 23. To watch the event without commercial breaks, tickets can be purchased for online viewing via KTX or’s Ring Light subscription.

Photo: Miss Universe Philippines