Outrage sparks over Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2019 final results

Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2019Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2019 pageant has been strongly criticized for its winner, Andrea Piecuch, and the rest of the Top 5 finalists were not from the US Virgin Islands. Actually, six out of ten contestants were not from the territory.

Lulu Orange Tyson, country director of Miss Universe US Virgin Islands, said that Andrea met the residency requirement and the other contestants were enrolled at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Andrea, who will represent the US Virgin Islands in the upcoming Miss Universe 2019, moved to the territory a few months ago to meet the 6-month residency requirement of the national pageant.

The controversial event caught the attention of some prominent Virgin Islanders. Previous public relations director of the national pageant, Jeaiza Quiñones, blogged about her sentiments on the issue and said, “Representation is not a casual gesture. It should be meaningful, wholehearted, and sincere.”

She added, “My Miss U.S. Virgin Islands should know my territory for more than its beaches, vacation homes and whatever other information is available on google. My Miss U.S. Virgin Islands should be able to pronounce the name on her own sash. My Miss U.S. Virgin Islands should make somebody beam with pride when she walks the stage because they’ve seen her walk their own neighborhood streets. Until that day comes again, I do not have a Miss U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Former Miss Universe US Virgin Islands who competed in Miss Universe 2010, Janeisha John, also took to social media to express her dissatisfaction with the outcome of the pageant.

She wrote, “It’s not about just sending any pageant girl, it’s about sending someone that represents us, that little girls in the Virgin Islands can relate to and see themselves being one day. It’s about having someone truly shine a light on our territory, our people, our culture, our islands!”

Should WME/IMG, owner of the Miss Universe Organization, look through its rules for some revisions?

Let us know what your opinions are on this.